Waiting for the world premiere of Raouf at the International Film Festival

NFB Documentary in expect soft In fact, it will have its world premiere at the Copper Theater this fall.

The documentary, directed by Patricio Henriquez and Luc Coté, tells the story of journalist and blogger Raif Badawi, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison, a $300,000 fine and 1,000 lashes in Saudi Arabia, but from the perspective from his family.

After his release from prison, Raif Badawi is still stuck in Saudi Arabia, and his family is still waiting for him.

The daughter of Raif Badawi Najwa and his wife Ensaf Haider. (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada / Geneviève Proulx

The festival will also present French comedy suit suit suit suitadapted from Fabcaro’s symmetrical comic strip.

Director François Designs will be present at the Copper Theater to present the film.

In this adaptation of the homonymous comic strip by Fabcaro, you will have the pleasure of getting to know the character of Fabrice, a humorist who, after realizing that he did not have his loyalty card while shopping, launches into a ruthless race and soon becomes public enemy number 1 While the media seizes the question and the country is in turmoil, the fugitive, torn between remorse and existential questions, finds an unexpected base, somewhere in Lozeerrefers to the organization of the film festival.

Sticker signed by Nicholas Barty

The poster for the 41st session of the FCIAT is by Nicolas Barty, a very modern Swiss artist. In particular, revealed time mauveat the MMFA, in collaboration with singer Pierre Lapointe, who composed an album inspired by the show.

The poster for the 41st Abitibe-Tmiscaming International Film Festival was adapted from Nicolas Barty’s work.

Photo: Courtesy FCIAT

Anyone who does pastel is also a big movie buff. Currency Face volume Facewhich shows two men in bowler hats facing each other, was adapted for the festival poster by graphic designer Stéphanie Cloutier.

As for the Conference Brunch, still hosted by Martin Guérin, it will welcome the twins Guy and Claude Fournier, who represent more than 100 years in the world of cinema and television, whether in animation, writing or perception. .

Last June, the festival announced its inaugural film, Do you remember me?Directed by Eric Tissier, it is a dramatic comedy starring Rémy Girard, Karel Tremblay, Julie Le Breton and France Castell.

The complete program for the 41st edition of the Film Festival will be unveiled on October 11.

Darcy J. Skinner