The “Kashi Film Festival” to be held for the first time in Varanasi, will give a new identity to Uttar Pradesh


The 03 day film festival to be held for the first time in Varanasi will give a new direction to the construction of the film city in UP.

The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Charitable Affairs, Dr Neelkanth Tiwari, and Apoorva Chandra, Secretary of the Government of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, will inaugurate the festival. The country’s acclaimed film artists will participate, cultural performances by Dream Girl Hema Malini will make the evening memorable.

Comedian Raju Srivastava’s act is expected to tickle the ribs of those attending the Kashi Film Festival. The government of Uttar Pradesh is providing free food grains to more than 82% of beneficiaries in December as part of its expanded program.

Known for its rich traditions and culture for centuries, a new chapter is set to be scripted in Kashi this week as a three-day Kashi Film Festival kicks off here from December 27. The festival will not only show glimpses of classical Hindustani music and dance. but will also refresh the memory of famous poets, philosophers, writers, musicians and Banaras Gharana.

The famous stand-up comedian Raju Srivastava will also be present in the temple city to tickle the ribs of the audience while the performances of Dream Girl Hema Malini will also make the evening memorable. It is for the first time that such a film festival is organized in the city of Lord Shiva. The festival is organized in collaboration with Film Bandhu, the government of Uttar Pradesh and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the Indian government.

The festival will be inaugurated on December 27 at 04:00 in the city of Kashi where the main guest, the Minister of State for Tourism, Culture, Charitable Affairs, Protocol Dr Neelkanth Tiwari and the Secretary of the Ministry of the Indian Government Information and Broadcasting Apoorva Chandra will be the special guest. Meanwhile, Manoj Joshi’s presentation at the Varanasi International Convention and Cooperation Center should be a center of attraction. The live performance of comedian Raju Srivastava and singer Kailash Kher at the Dr Sampoornanand Sports stadium in Sigra will make the evening enjoyable from 6pm.

Anurag Thakur, Minister of Information and Broadcasting in the Government of India, will be the guest of honor at the Kashi Film Festival to be held on December 28 in Varanasi. During this, a round table will be organized from 10:30 to 12:00 on the theme “Varanasi – Journey from a cultural, mythological and historical heritage to a modern city”. The topic of discussion for the second panel will be on ‘Music and Geet – Virasat of Banaras’ with schedules from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Grants will also be distributed at the same time as the 4:00 p.m. closing ceremony. On Thursday evening, the famous film actress and MP for the Bharatiya Janata Party, Hema Malini, will captivate the hearts of the audience with her cultural presentation. This program will be held at the International Convention and Cooperation Center in Varanasi itself.

A round table will be held on December 29 on the theme “Uttar Pradesh as an important center for film production and the potential of regional cinema”. And the evening will mark the end of the very first film festival in Kashi with a performance by singer Ravi Tripathi and actor Ravi Kishan.

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