The IUM Ongwediva cultural festival is underway

ONGWEDIVA – The Ongwediva campus of the International University of Management kicked off its third annual cultural festival this week.

The opening ceremony of the six-day festival saw several cultural groups come together to share customs and traditions, cuisines, stories and traditional dances.

The cultural festival takes place every year and this year it is celebrated under the theme “We unite through consolidated cultures”.

According to Jesaja Ndunga, President of the Ongwediva IUM Student Representative Council, the festival is one of the most exciting and important events in the student calendar.

“The motive of the festival is to unite different cultures in Namibia through harmony, peace and happiness,” he said. He added that the goal is not to profit from it, but rather to perpetuate its cultural heritage and its unique and diverse way of managing it.

“Students seem to be happy and feeling culturally rejuvenated, especially after the past two years of Covid-19,” he said.

The inspiration of this festival is to create a platform, to broaden and deepen the connection and understanding of different cultures, as well as to embrace the diversity of cultures within the IUM community. IUM is a culturally diverse university, which means that it has students and staff from different cultural backgrounds. There are also stalls where students, staff and outsiders sell items, such as traditional food and drink.

“Musical performances by local artists and dance competitions are also on the program.

The festival will end with the crowning of Miss IUM 2022 on Saturday,” he added.

Performances by cultural groups and IUM student associations will entertain guests during the coronation. [email protected]

2022-09-14 Victoria Kaapanda

Darcy J. Skinner