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The Concord International Festival will debut on Saturday.

City of Concorde

Victoria Young

The first-ever Concord International Festival will take place on Saturday in downtown Union Street.

The festival was discussed long before the pandemic. The plan was originally to hold the festival in 2020, said Lloyd Payne, director of Concord City, but the pandemic has put it on hiatus.

But this Saturday, Concord residents will be able to stroll Union Street from noon to 6 p.m. and experience the multiculturalism and diversity of the Concord community.

The festival was a joint project with the city and El Puente Hispano. Sandra Torres, President of El Puente, said the event will be family-friendly and will be an opportunity to get to know people better.

“The festival will be a wonderful opportunity to visit the world without leaving our backyard. It will help us get to know others better, highlighting our similarities while embracing and celebrating our differences, ”Torres wrote in a statement.

Payne said El Puente played a major role in securing vendors for the event and helped reach out to the various communities at Concord.

“Really what has helped is our partnership with El Puente Hispano,” Payne said. “They, with us, came hand in hand to sit down and plan the meeting – talk about it. They played a decisive role in setting up suppliers.


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