Marghazhi: 65 Disabled Artists Will Participate in Marghazhi Matram Cultural Festival in Chennai | Chennai News


CHENNAI: As the city prepares to celebrate the music season, the non-profit organization SciArtsRUs prepares to host its annual cultural festival – Marghazhi Matram – which will bring together more than 65 artists with disabilities.
The seven-day festival hosted by Dr Ranjini Kaushik will start on December 3
Currently in its second edition, Marghazhi Matram is an annual music and culture festival organized by SciArtsRUs, a non-profit organization based in California with the mission of promoting and increasing access to science, art and music for people with disabilities, people with disabilities and people with disabilities.
An original idea by Ranjini Kaushik, Artabilities 4 All is an initiative by SciArtsRUs to provide inclusive opportunities globally, to visual artists and performers with varied abilities including mentorship, independence and self-reliance.
“We want to spread the message of inclusiveness in the visual and performing arts globally and during Marghazhi there are hardly any programs organized for inclusive events. We want to consciously embrace inclusive concerts with capable and different artists and make the arts truly accessible, ”said Ranjini.
Featuring over 65 artists from four continents and seven countries with a multitude of talents, this week-long global event will see musicians, singers, instrumentalists, painters, embroiderers, bakers, standing artists, dancers, comedians and more. Marghazhi Matram will be held live on December 3-4 at the Dakshinamurthi Auditorium, Mylapore, followed by a three-day virtual program broadcast on the SciArtsRUs youtube channel –
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Darcy J. Skinner