Glasgow International Dance Festival returns


From the visual art spaces of Tramway and the Gallery of Modern Art to the outdoor stage of Queens Park Arena, the fourth edition of the festival will move beyond its Tramway home, to the streets, parks and cultural venues of Glasgow as well as online in October.

The redesigned format of the festival will adopt hybridity to suit all varieties of audiences. Featuring exceptional performances from local and national artists, the performances will be presented live indoors and outdoors and through film, virtual reality and the new digital component of DIG. Experimenting with a new approach to the festival, DIG will take place in two stages: in October 2021 and in spring 2022.

The Spring 2022 schedule features performances from Project X, Suzi Cunningham, Three 60 and Farah Saleh with more details to be announced shortly.

Highlights of the October 2021 program include Love Dance Scotland Shotput commission award recipients open the festival on Friday October 1 and Saturday October 2 with work in progress ‘Totentanz’, a dance of death for our time and a manifesto for to connect through death rather than being isolated by it. “Totentanz” will present an accompanying exhibition (Tramway Upper Gallery, October 2 – 17) created by Shotput and performance photographer Brian Hartley.

FRAN.K, recipient of the LDS commission, presents “Living in the space between” (Thursday 14 – Saturday 23 October). The hybrid installation of virtual / live club night and immersive dance is one of many DIG performances exploring club culture. The artwork will see 17 exceptional artists from the worlds of club music, performance art, dance and club performance come together for a six-hour kaleidoscopic journey with a thrilling soundscape.

Nightly outdoor performances and a ‘STRUT’ by MHz mobile projection parade take to the streets of Pollokshields (Thursday 7 October) and Govanhill (Sunday 10 October). From windows and doorways, residents can watch five local dancing heroes reflect the festive energy of their beloved neighborhoods. The personal styles of the dancers will range from bhangra to romani, salsa and hip-hop.

Glasgow Barrowland Ballet presents a series of five films (Thursday 21 October). “Whiteout” and “Loose Leaf Tea” which will feature responses from students at St Albert Elementary School. The colorful films will be on tour in a moving van through the neighborhoods of Pollokshields and Govanhill.

London’s Deptford Freestylers’ Everybody With Me, Always (Wednesday 20 October) will feature film, activities and encourage interactive performances in a relaxed environment. The audience can stand up, make noise, move around and join the dancers if they want to, or just relax and enjoy the show.

LJ Findlay-Walsh, Curator, Dance International Glasgow, said: “We are delighted to bring the DIG Festival back for its 4th edition. We’re coming back to present a more secure and secure hybrid festival with live digital and remote works and outdoor dance performances. Our goal this year has been to try and create a palette of experiences accessible to the widest range of audiences who may have been removed from cultural experiences over the past year and a half, including relaxed performances, lasting installations. and even virtual experiences.

“We have also remained flexible to the needs of artists this year by expanding the festival over two periods on October 21 and March 22. We have worked mainly with local and national artists and they have led the way in imagining new forms and in new ways. As always their work centers on the moving body, audiences can expect everything from the immersive, meditative and healing properties of dance to an opportunity to safely come together in joyful experiences that set us apart. encourage moving together or being moved, shaking off the dust of the recent past and confidently projecting oneself into the future. “

Councilor David McDonald, President of Glasgow Life and Deputy Head of Glasgow City Council, said: “It is wonderful to see this vibrant festival return to Glasgow for its fourth edition. This is a remarkable achievement in light of the challenges facing the arts and performing industries over the past 18 months as a result of Covid-19.

“The rich mix of programming for this year’s festival will see performances take place in some of the city’s most beloved artistic and outdoor spaces, and the street performances will bring the festival to the public by ensuring it is accessible to all.

“The STRUT outdoor show will celebrate our local communities. Featuring and championing the dance heroes of Govanhill and Pollokshields, this uplifting project will reflect the festive energy and cultural diversity of these neighborhoods. “


Darcy J. Skinner

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