Films from the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival

Getting to the Toronto International Film Festival is a huge deal for filmmakers at any stage of their career. The annual Canadian festival showcases everything from small films by up-and-coming filmmakers to potential blockbusters from some of the biggest names in the industry.

The selections for the 2022 festival, which runs from September 8-18, reflect some of the best and most creative minds in cinema today. TIFF 2022 has divided its presentations into a few different categories. The headline categories are Gala Presentations and Special Presentations, where some of the festival’s most anticipated films will debut.

Among the 2022 Gala lineup are “The Woman King,” starring Viola Davis and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, and Tyler Perry’s latest film, “A Jazzman’s Blues.” Special presentations, meanwhile, include hit films such as “My Policeman,” starring Harry Styles and Emma Corrin; the “Knives Out” sequel “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”; and Steven Spielberg’s latest, “The Fabelmans”.

Alongside these big-name presentations, TIFF has also made room for more original fare in its Discovery, Midnight Madness and Wavelengths categories. The Wavelengths selections are for fans of niche art films, while Midnight Madness features some particularly bizarre films. For example, this year Daniel Radcliffe’s biopic starring Weird Al Yankovic will spotlight the Midnight Madness section. Discovery, meanwhile, is exactly what it sounds like: a showcase designed to showcase promising early-career directors.

Here’s a complete list of all the movies scheduled to premiere at TIFF 2022.

Gala presentations

  • “Alice, darling”
  • “Black Ice”
  • “The Butcher’s Crossing”
  • “The Greatest Beer Race Ever”
  • “The Hummingbird”
  • “Hunt”
  • “The Blues of a Jazzman”
  • “Kacchey Limbu”
  • “Move on”
  • “Parisian Memories”
  • “The Prisoner’s Daughter”
  • “Raymond & Ray”
  • “Perch”
  • “Sidney”
  • “The son”
  • “The Swimmers”
  • “What’s love got to do with it?”
  • “The Woman King”

Special presentations

  • “Alleluia”
  • “In the west, nothing is new”
  • “The Banshees of Inisherin”
  • “blue back”
  • “The Blue Caftan”
  • “Broker”
  • “Brother”
  • “Brothers”
  • “Catherine called Birdy”
  • “Pavement”
  • “Knight”
  • “Bodice”
  • “Departure Decision”
  • “Dedication”
  • “Driving Madeleine”
  • “The Substitute”
  • “Empire of Light”
  • “The Eternal Girl”
  • “The Fabelmans”
  • “Glass Onion: A Mystery at Daggers Drawn”
  • “Good Night Oppy”
  • “The Good Nurse”
  • “Holy Spider”
  • “Land of Joy”
  • “The King’s Rider”
  • “The Lost King”
  • “A man of reason”
  • “The menu”
  • “Lunar Reverie”
  • “My Policeman”
  • “Nanny”
  • “No Bear”
  • “On the Rise”
  • “A nice morning”
  • “Other People’s Children”
  • “The Return of Tanya Tucker: With Brandi Carlile”
  • “Saint-Omer”
  • “Sanctuary”
  • “Stories Not to Tell”
  • “Triangle of Sadness”
  • “To go up”
  • “Wendell and Savage”
  • “The whale”
  • “Speaking Women”
  • “The Wonder”


  • “Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe”
  • “Ruby Baby”
  • “Carmen”
  • “Daughter of Rage (La Hija de todas las Rabias)”
  • “A Weekend in Gaza”
  • “I like movies”
  • “The Inspection”
  • “A Long Break”
  • “Pussy Joseph”
  • “Back to Seoul”
  • “Pink”
  • “Runner”
  • “Shimon”
  • “The Snow and the Bear”
  • “Something You Said Last Night”
  • “Susie Researches”
  • “Sweet as”
  • “The taste of apples is red”
  • “This place”
  • “Unruly (Ustyrlig)”
  • “Until the Branches Bend”
  • “When Morning Comes”
  • “The Young Arsonists”

midnight madness

  • “The Blackening”
  • “Leonor will never die”
  • “Pearl”
  • “The People’s Prankster”
  • “Wolf Hunt Project”
  • “Sick”
  • “Sisu”
  • “Venus”
  • “V/H/S 99”
  • “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”

Wavelengths: characteristics

  • “Concrete Valley”
  • “De Humani Corporis Fabrica”
  • “Dry Ground Burning (Mato Seco em Chamas)”
  • “Western”
  • “Peaceful”
  • “Qing Dynasty Queens”
  • “Troubles (Unrueh)”
  • “Will-o’-the-Wisp (Fogo-Fátuo)”

Wavelengths: short

  • “After work”
  • “Bigger Inside”
  • “Evening”
  • “Fights look different to me now”
  • Morgana
  • “Off-title”
  • “I thought of the world of you”
  • “Moonrise”
  • “The New Olds”
  • “Door to door”
  • “The time that separates us”
  • “What governs the invisible”

Darcy J. Skinner