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The Ministry of Culture applies all precautionary and preventive measures with daily sterilization of the rooms in order to ensure the safety of the public, artists and workers.

Amir Bashtak Palace

Al-Moez Street, Tel 02 2787 9187

Thursday 9, 7 pm: “Abdo Dagher, the talent of genius and the professionalism of creativity”, show and concert with oud player Modather Aboul-Wafa and violinist Mohamed zaheer.

Arab Music Institute

22 rue Ramsis, Tel 02 2574 3373

Sun 12, 8 p.m .: On national Arabic music ensemble interprets songs of Abdel-Wahab.

Beit Al-Seheimi
Al-Muaaz St, Al-Darb Al-Asfar Alley, Al-Gamalya District, Tel 02 2787 8865
Every Sunday, 7 p.m .: La Troupe du Nil pour Instruments Folkloriques, directed by Abdel-Rahman Al-Shafaai, performs dances and songs from Upper Egypt on mizmar, tabla and other traditional musical instruments.
Every Friday at 7 pm: “Al-Aragouz wa Khayal Al-Zel” (The Shadow Puppet), a free public clown show in Al-Muaaz Street, presented by Wamda and led by Nabil Bahgat.

Cairo opera house

Gezira Exhibition Center, Tel 02 2737 0602/2736 0361, ticket office 02 2739 0132/0144

Fontaine Theater

Fri 10, 8 p.m .: Percussionist Nesma Abdel Aziz play marimba.

Thursday 16, 8 p.m .: A concert honors the memory of composer Baligh Hamdy, conducted by the maestro Selim Sahab and stars the singer Afaf rady.

Main hall

Fri 10, 8 p.m .: On Abdel-Halim Noweira Arabic Music Ensemble in a repertoire of classical Arabic songs.

Sat 11, 8 p.m .: The Cairo Symphony Orchestra.

Sun 12, 8 p.m .: On Cairo Opera Orchestra inaugural season concert.

Small room

Thursday 16, 8 p.m .: The Talent Development Center concert.

Al-Gumhouriya Theater

12 Al-Gumhouriya Street, Abdin, Tel 02 2390 7707

Thursday 9, 8 p.m .: Al-Enshad Al-Dini troupe performs religious songs.

fri 10, 8 p.m: Hekayat troop (of tales), led by Shaded Moanis.

Thursday 16, 8 p.m .: A concert of songs composed by the late composer Mohamed al-mogui.

Al-Ghouri Caravan
Mohamed Abdou Street, next to Al-Muaaz and Al-Azhar streets, Tel 02 2514 7475
Al Tanoura whirling dervishes perform to Sufi music
(Performances every Saturday and Wednesday at 7 p.m.).

Dome of Al-Ghouri

111 Al-Azhar Street, Al-Ghouriya, Tel 02 2506 0227

Thursday 9, 8 p.m .: Reda Troupe for Folk Arts presents several dance performances inspired by the folk arts of the Egyptian governorates.


1 rue Saad Zaghloul, Al-Mounira, Cairo, Tel. 2792 0878

Every Tuesday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.: Mawawil includes singers Hend and Sara in a repertoire of traditional music from the Nile delta, Al Jaafra music played by the Arab tribes of Aswan and Nass makan bandaged.

Every Wednesday, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m .: Zar music and songs by Mazaher together with Umm Sameh, Umm Hassan and Nour Al-Sabah.

Art Space & Café room

10 Etehaad Al Mohamin St, Garden City, Tel 01000 681539

Thursday 9, 9 p.m .: A frozen nostalgic night with Rowan maher.

Fri 10, 9 pm: Sauce Train perform your favorite Pink Floyd tracks.

Sat 11, 9 pm: The musical project “Mood of Oud” tends to illustrate certain situations, human feelings and states of mind through music.
Michel Onsy will present his own original compositions accompanied by percussion, bass guitar and piano.

The Spot Shopping Center, across from AUC Gate 4, New Cairo

Fri 10, 9 p.m .: Come and enjoy a musical evening in Dalia Farid and his group. Farid will present a number of songs from his albums as well as new interpretations of famous Western and Arab tunes.

Tue 14, 9 p.m .: 404 and Jiggy groups will make the scene vibrate. 404 is an Egyptian rock band who perform classic rock anthems for famous bands such as Queen, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith and more. Group members: Habiba Anise (Voice), Mostafa Younis (Guitar), Walid Moussa (Keyboard), Eshraq Refaat (Bass guitar), Kareem Refaat (Guitar), Seif Harfoush (Drums). Jiggy is an Egyptian funk rock band that covers James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and many others. It comprises

Saad El-Fiky (Guitar), Amjad Abdel Bari (Low), Rami ramadan (Voice), Mohamed rafaat (Keyboard), Seif Fawaz (Drums), Walid Adel (Sax).

El-Sawy’s Cultural Wheel
End of July 26 St, under the May 15 bridge, Zamalek, Tel 02 2736 8881/6178/2737 4448

(No entry without a mask and the room will be open to only 25% of its capacity)

River room

Thursday 9, 7:30 p.m .: A stand-up of humor by Salah Al-Daly.

Fri 10, 7:30 p.m .: Singer Ali Al-Helbawy.

sat 11, 7:30 p.m .: arab rap by Zap Tharwat and Sari Hany.

Mon 13, 7:30 p.m .: Mohamed El-Alayly performer of old and new covers.

Wed 15, 7:30 p.m .: Classical Arabic songs from Al-Khan bandaged.

Thursday 16, 7:30 p.m .: Arabic music concert Al mobhgeen bandaged.

Hall of Wisdom

Thursday 9, 8 p.m .: A concert with the singer Wegdan performing songs by the late singer Warda.

Thursday 16, 7 p.m .: El-Sawy Culturewheel Puppet Theater show presents the songs of Mohamed Mounir.

Tahrir Cultural Center (TCC)

AUC Tahrir Campus

Elle Arts The three-day international art and culture festival showcases women in a wide range of artistic creations who tell and share female stories and perspectives with the community. It incorporates various facets of the arts of female artists around the world or artists who represent women in music, performance, visual arts, poetry and other popular cultural activities.

Ewart Memorial

Thursday 9, 7-8 p.m .: Music concert by the Egyptian harp ensemble with Manal Mohie Eldeen, Mona Wassef and Amira Hamed (Egypt). (9:15 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) piano recital by Heba Soliman (Egypt). (9:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.) a dance performance by CUA Alumni Folk Group (Egypt). (5 pm-6.30pm) Women’s music competition. (6.30 p.m.-8 p.m.) Hip-Hop workshop and performance by Angelique Rochemont (France).

Fri 10, 5 p.m.-6.30 p.m .: Women’s music competition (8 p.m.-8.30 p.m.) electronic music by NABD, percussion by Sabrine El Hossamy, DJ Shahir (Egypt). (8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) a concert with singer / songwriter Banah (Palestine).

Sat 11, 8:45 p.m. – 9:30 p.m .: Dance show by La Ronde Quartet / Yasmine Hugonnet (Switzerland).

Garden scene

Thursday 9, 8:15 p.m.- 9:15 p.m .: Musical concert by the Portuguese singer, songwriter Susana Travassos (from 10:15 p.m. to 11:15 p.m.) a concert with singer Maryam saleh (Egypt).

Fri 10, 6.30 p.m.-8 p.m .: Hip-Hop workshop and performance by Angelique Rochemont (France). (9.45am – 10.45pm) a concert offers singer Nesma Mahgoub (Egypt). (7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.) a concert by Fabrica group, founded by the soprano Neven Allouba (Egypt).

Sat 11, 9:45 p.m. to 10:45 p.m .: A musical concert by the singer Nouran Abu Taleb (Egypt).

Zamalek Theater

The Armed Forces Officers Club, Zamalek, Tel 01101153105

Thursday 9, 7 p.m .: Arab rap by Abo El Anwar.


Alexandria Opera House (Sayed Darwish Theater)

Rue Fouad, Mahatat Al-Raml, Alexandria, Tel 03/486 5106

Thursday 9, 8 p.m .: The Arab Musical Heritage Set.

* A version of this article is published in the September 9, 2021 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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