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After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bakwena’s most popular annual cultural event, the Dithubaruba Cultural Festival, has returned to the excitement of culture enthusiasts who filled the sports complex with Molepolole to the brim last Saturday.

With over 500 revelers from all over the country in attendance, the 14th edition of Dithubaruba which started on Saturday morning ended on Sunday morning.

Celebrated under the theme “Ngwao Boswa, Ga e phetsolelwe nageng”, Dithubaruba also brought together ministers, parliamentarians and chiefs.

Speaking in an interview with one of the organizers, John Mmadintsi expressed his appreciation for the cooperation and respect the revelers showed to each other during the event.

“We had a large number of participants both local and foreign arriving at night to the extent that some even had to pack their cars outside the stadium. We had tight security and no serious incidents were reported. Since we have seen that the event has grown internationally, we are challenged to work on how we can assure them that we can accommodate large numbers,” an impressed Mmadintsi said.

ANIMATION: Dipela tsa ga kobokwe dancing at the festival

The event brought together over 25 groups of artists from as far away as Ghantsi and South Africa, showcasing their art, such as Namastap, Polka, Traditional Choirs, Dipela Tsa Ga Kobokwe, Bana Ba Kwena, Kwena Madiba , Cultural Spears, Ditiro Leero, Mma Ausi and others.

The charming Dr Vom took the stage with his favorite hit ‘Tsaya thobane’ and got the whole crowd singing and dancing followed by MmaAusi with ‘A ruri le boleletse malome’.

In his keynote speech, the Deputy Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Mabuse Pule, said the move would go a long way towards developing cultural industries and tourism, diversifying the economy and creating wealth for the future. deliberate efforts to market both visual arts products and services locally and internationally.

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“I must commend many cultural organizations that have regularly held cultural festivals to promote and preserve our culture. We fervently hope that others will follow suit to revise and maintain our rich cultural heritage,” Pule said.

The event also breathed life into the local economy with small businesses including public transport sprinters, taxis, hotels and lodges, even hawkers doing roaring business during the event.

The cultural festival of Dithubabaruba fascinates

WELCOME GUESTS: Kgosi Maruje III Thabo Masunga

Officially opening the event, Kgosi Maruje III Thabo of Masunga said the nationality profile of the festival amply demonstrated how culture is an unbreakable bond, which is why he brought together Bakwena from Botswana, from Lesotho, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

He said he finds it baffling that as a nation we continue to devote a lot of resources to marketing a tourism asset that repatriates the bulk of its revenue overseas when we have all but neglected marketing. other tourism sub-sectors like cultural tourism which would enhance the economic empowerment of Batswana especially those in rural areas.

He urged customers to take advantage of cultural education and incorporate it into daily life, such as using appropriate greeting forms as a sign of cultural concern.

A week before the actual Dithubaruba event, organizers led by museum curator Kgosi Sechele 1 who is also the festival coordinator, Power Kawina, a week before the cultural festival on August 27, led culture enthusiasts on a 10.9 kilometer heritage walk from Ntsweng Heritage Site. known as Ga-Mmakgosi in Lekadibeng, Gakobokwe and back to Ga-Mmakgosi to introduce Bakwena historical site before moving to Molepolole village.

Walkers enjoyed hiking over huge rocks and brushy areas to Lekadibeng, a site used for both religious purposes and event shots.

Dithubaruba continues to attract more international cultures through social media and other marketing platforms. More numbers are expected next year at his Ntsweng (Ga-Mmakgosi) natural house which is still under construction.

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Darcy J. Skinner