27th Athens International Film Festival kicks off another year of great cinema


Grab your popcorn and head to Athens as the 27th Athens International Film Festival kicked off on Wednesday (9/22) in Athens, Greece and runs through October 3, 2021.

With an exciting lineup of short and feature films from Greek and international filmmakers, the festival promises audiences a memorable cinematic experience.

GREECE: 27th Athens International Film Festival kicks off new year of great cinema 9GREECE: 27th Athens International Film Festival kicks off new year of great cinema 10GREECE: 27th Athens International Film Festival kicks off new year of great cinema 11

International sizzlers
Shortly after their world premiere and triumphant victory at the Cannes Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival respectively, Julia Ducournau’s hugely anticipated and highly anticipated “Titanium” and Radu Jude’s “Bad Luck Banging or Looney Porn” will debut. in Greece at the 27th Athens International Film Festival.

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Greek short films
Having screened a total of over 510 films over the past nine years, this year the lively and exciting Greek Short Stories – In Competition section celebrates 10 years of great short films that have told contemporary, funny, scary, poetic, romantic, metaphysics, dark and clear stories in a special, imaginative and exciting way.

10 Years of Greek Short Stories, which started in Athens and traveled to Europe and the rest of the world competing for awards and aiming to resonate globally, showcasing Greek film as an emerging and relevant narrative force .

The 27th edition of this year has 273 participations, which indicates that Greek cinema is present and active but also that the new Greek directors trust the presentation of their work to the Festival and its audience.

The Festival film curatorial team has completed the film selection process. 40 films were selected to compete for the prizes of the 27th edition.

The films of the Competition section

The films that will be in competition (in alphabetical order according to their title) are:

“A la carte”: Taxiarxis Deligiannis, Vasilis Tsiouvaras
“A summer place”: Alexandra Matheou
“Afternoon”: Alexis Koukias-Pantelis
“Alaska”: Michalis Giagkounidis
“Amygdala”: Maria Hatzakou
“Apallou”: Niko Avgoustidis
“At the airport”: Michalis Mathioudakis
“Beauty”: Thanos Liberopoulos
“The blue bird”: Stergios Dinopoulos
“Brutalia, Labor Days”: Manolis Mavris
“Cortazar”: Argyris Germanidis, Katerina Strauch
“Creatures of the night”: Memi Koupa
“Every Sunday”: Keti Papadema
“Experience of kindness”: Eleni Alexandrakis
“Operation”: Marina Syméou
“First swim”: Alexandros Kostopoulos
“Friends and Benefits”: Maria Katsikadakou
“From the balcony”: Aris Kaplanidis
“Girl”: Vania Turner, Maria Sidiropoulou
“Horsepower”: Spyros Skandalos
“Me, the house”: Eleni Vergeti
“If you were a film, you would be a short film”: Georgia Marangouli
“In beauty, it’s unfinished”: Greko Sklavounos
“Lost & found”: Vivian Papageorgiou
“Luxénie”: Dimitra Kondylatou
“Highway 65”: Evi Kalogiropoulou
“Reflections”: Fotis Skourletis
“Sacralize”: Olia Verriopoulou
“Soul Food”: Nikos Tseberopoulos
“The beauty of stigma”: Helias Doulis
“The Giraffe”: Connie Zikou
“The night I left America”: Laki Karavias
“The Silver Mask”: Thanos Topouzis
“The student”: Vasileios Kalamakis
“In Vancouver”: Artémis Anastasiadou
“Umbilical”: Elpida Stathatou
“Vathikofto”: Ioanna Kryona
“Vidisova”: George Panagopoulos
“Water on Mars”: Nicos Panayotopoulos
“Zabeta”: Elissavet Sfyri, Sofia Sfyri

The jury

The jury of the Greek Short Stories section – In competition of the 27th Athens International Film Festival is composed of the president, Sofia Exarchou, screenwriter and director as well as the following members: Neritan Zinxhiria, director, Spyros Kribalis, screenwriter, screenwriter and creative producer, Penelope Tsilika, actress, and Iosifina Grivea, editor, film critic and podcast host.

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Key people

Loukas Katsikas

Tatiana Pappa-Betrosian

Andy Dimopoulou

Kostis Theodosopoulos

Nektarios Sakkas

Panos Gkenas

For updates and more information, log onto the aiff.gr and cinemagazine.gr websites and the relevant social media pages: Facebook AIFF, Instagram, Twitter.

The 27th Athens International Film Festival is affiliated with PEP Attiki 2014 – 2020 and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The 27th Athens International Film Festival takes place under the auspices and with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The Opening evenings of the Athens International Film Festival, was founded by the Athens Film Society (a non-profit organization) with the aim of shining a light on lesser-known aspects / genres of independent cinema, presenting to the public some of the best productions of the year and s ‘impose as the ideal opening of the upcoming cinema season. The Festival was launched in September 1995 and continues successfully until now.

According to a survey by CINEMA magazine, the Festival audience is made up of around 60,000 moviegoers, who want to discover the latest cinematographic trends from around the world and watch the season’s most successful productions before everyone else. Our goal is to present them with a handpicked selection of independent productions from around the world.

For the full program of screenings, visit: http://en.aiff.gr/

27th Athens International Film Festival (Trailer) – YouTube


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