15th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival to Screen Over 50 International Films


New Delhi: The 15th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival will present more than 50 films from around the world.

The three-day festival, which opens on Tuesday, will feature films from 20 countries made by Asian female directors from Armenia, Bangladesh, Estonia, India, Iran, Sri Lanka, Syria and Turkey, among others.

The festival, organized by the International Association of Women of Radio and Television, received more than 700 registrations from 37 countries, the highest to date.

Films by Bina Paul, Samina Mishra, Iffat Fatima, Jerro Mulla, Anandana Kapur, Supriya Suri will be screened. One of the highlights of the festival is a special country focus on Georgia.

Nupur Basu, Managing Director of the Indian Section of IAWRT, said the theme of the film’s gala was “Female Gaze” at a time when women in cinema are at the heart of the global discourse.

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“The discussions on women’s participation in cinema and the #MeToo campaign in Hollywood’s film industry to India’s film industry of 900 films a year – have placed women in cinema at the heart of several critical discussions,” Basu said in a statement.

Festival Director Gauri D. Chakraborty added: “AWFF presents extraordinary stories from Asian women around the world… Hosting the festival was a personal journey to rediscover the essence of cinema.

In addition to film screenings, the festival program includes a two-day workshop with schoolgirls, scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

An art installation entitled “Bioscopewalli”, put together by design students and artists, and designed by Chakraborty, will be on display.

The IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival is held here at the India International Center (IIC).


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