Finding loans without payroll is not an impossible mission.

loans with ASNEF with endorsement

I’ll show you some portals that accept clients, even without endorsement , payroll instantly, and even with endorsement and, on the other hand, I will comment on the fine print of these, such as interests , other requirements and conditions that you must also have account when accepting this type of loans.

Loans online: requirements according to the entity

The first thing we have to take into account is that almost 100% of the online loan portals deny operations when they verify that the applicant is registered in the list, really the approval criterion of the few portals that do. allow is different in each entity.

For example, one of the micro loan portals that allow clients that are in the delinquency register .

You can request up to 500 euros to return in a maximum period of 30 days The interest, logically, are higher than in other portals, being, for a loan of 500 euros to return in 30 days of 155 euros.

Here the criteria for granting or not granting the loan is not clear, since the applications are reviewed 1 to 1, although as a general rule, they seek to meet the following requirements:

      • That the amount of the debt in is less than 800-1000 euros
      • That the debt is not with banking entities
      • That there is not more than one debtor who has registered the client in

Loans without payroll and without guarantee

Another of the loan portals with fast payroll that effectively accept clients, although in this case, the criterion is more lax, accepting debts in without any problem.

To get money no need to attach payroll or endorsement from friends or family, because simply with your personal data and an Instantor type system allows the verification of your bank payment history, which is more than enough information so that they can decide whether to grant the loan or not and thus forget about paperwork.

The interest is 30% monthly TAE The transfer is made within 10 minutes, you can physically withdraw the money or use it for what suits you best Allow you to request up to 600 euros per loan

Fast Loans Instantly

Another portals that works well, although as an inconvenience has that the amount you can request is limited to 250 euros .

Here allow customers , but with a debt that does not exceed 1000 euros, so it is another alternative to take into account.

The request is answered in practically seconds after sending the form, and in a matter of minutes you can have the money quickly in your account.

Loans with endorsement

Finally, I have chosen as the final option, and I really only recommend it if the previous options have not served you, either by appearing in for larger amounts, or because you really need a quantity of money that does not solve all the portals previous For this case, you can request up to 300,000 euros (this will depend on the amount of the assets with which you endorse), .

Personally I advise against using this last portal unless the situation is critical, since the inherent risk of putting a property as collateral is that it can be executed, partially or totally, in the event of default

In summary, I have shown that there are different alternatives so that a person who is in can get a loan of money quickly and easily, without being asked for payroll, endorsement, although in some cases, inexorably for the personal situation, only the option of loans with endorsement can be used, something that I advise is used as a last resort.