Loans dedicated to those who decide to open a business.


Choosing to start a new business can be extremely rewarding: creating a new idea, making new services available to the community can be very interesting for those who decide to start this new life. A choice that is usually accompanied by a series of doubts and difficulties. The historical period we are experiencing, the economic crisis, the political and employment crisis often discourages young people from starting a new activity. Often, then, you need a “boost”, a help: not all, in fact, have the necessary money to take such an important step for their future.
It often happens that those who decide to open a new business need access to loans that are generally non-repayable.
On the market there are numerous offers of loans dedicated to those who decide to open a bar, a shop or a restaurant. Those who decide to apply for funding, in fact, can choose between two different options: they can decide to access two options. Let’s see what:

– loans provided by banks;
– subsidized funds from the European Community.

Let’s examine the two types of loans.

Loans provided by banks to undertake new activities

As anticipated, on the market there are various forms of loans dedicated to those who want to open a new store and undertake a new business activity. We have evaluated, for you, the best proposals on the financial market. The banks that offer better contractual conditions in terms of financing. Let’s find out together.

– loan provider proposes the “Start Up New Businesses” plan designed exclusively for customers who wish to undertake a new business and need liquidity to invest in their project. The loan provider offer allows you to finance up to 100,000 euros . The maximum duration of the loan is 7 years. The customer can choose to repay the capital financed in monthly, quarterly or semi-annual installments. The interest rate proposed by loan provider is also interesting: you can choose between the fixed rate and the variable rate. In order to access the “Start Up New Businesses” funding, it is necessary to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce for no longer than 21 months. Furthermore, in order to disburse the loan, loan provider needs to obtain the release of the eligible guarantee, which must be equal to 60% of the loans granted. Among the other requirements there is also the contribution of own resources that must be at least equal to 30% of the investment plan that is to be realized.

– loan provider proposes the project which allows the client to request and obtain funding to undertake a new business activity. This is a very special loan because loan provider can also provide it for those who want to take over existing businesses. It is a type of financing that aims to help the client to undertake a new activity or to help an old company to develop and consolidate on the market.

The subsidized loans for the opening of a new activity

As we have anticipated, in addition to loans provided by banks, there are many funds born and designed to facilitate entrepreneurship. These are financial instruments that allow those who request them to receive non-repayable loans. They are:

    • subsidized loans for youth entrepreneurship. To be provided, the applicant must be a young person under 35 years of age.
    • facilitated loans to female entrepreneurship. These loans are normally issued by the European Union or by the Regions. To be eligible for this funding, at least 70% of the members of the new company must be female.
    • Invitalia subsidized loans. They are special forms of loans provided by the State. The assumption is the state of unemployment. This means that they can be disbursed when the members of a company or an individual are unemployed. These loans are granted for a specific purpose: to restart work and relaunch an activity.

Finally, in our examination of the financing to encourage the start of new activities, the loan of honor can not be missing . The latter is a type of loan that is disbursed at a subsidized rate. It allows to obtain a liquidity of up to 25,823 euros in the case of a natural person, up to 129,114 euros in the case of a partnership.
The loan of honor is aimed at all unemployed adults who have resided in Italy for at least 6 months. Thanks to the loan of honor, it is possible to start a new business and relaunch one’s professional career.