We analyze the best loans , whether fast, free, without payroll , or conjugating both, which are currently the characteristics that most value the users of this type of loans.

best quick loans

Best loans: free up to 1000 euros

Among the best loans this year, I will comment on the one that allows you to get up to 1000 euros for free. This promotion is subject only to new customers.

In terms of operation is the standard of this type of mini-loans:

  • Be of age
  • Resident in Spain
  • With mobile phone
  • With a bank account in Spain

A particularity is that it admits clients in of up to 1000 euros when the origin of the debt is non-financial.

Best quick loans in 8 minutes

Another of the portals that, apart from having the first free loan offer for new customers, is characterized because they are fast loans, since in 8 minutes you have it available in your account, ready to withdraw from the ATM or buy with your credit card associated to the account.

To achieve this, it is also not necessary to open a new bank account, but to deposit it, as long as it is located in Spain, within 8 minutes, while no additional information is required.

Best loans without interest

Another option for quick loans at present , which also allows you to obtain up to 300 euros for new customers completely free of charge.

The only requirement that is somewhat more restrictive than the rest is that it requires a responsible loan: that is to say that you have about 500 euros of fixed recurring monthly income, be it payroll, pensions or unemployment benefits (unemployment).

In this way they ensure that the client’s risk is lower for them and in turn that the client has real minimum resources to repay the loan with minimum guarantees.


Best loans without payroll

Another of the best loans without payroll . In this case it does have interests for new clients, but its simplicity and because they do not ask for payroll or endorsement makes this portal one of the most attractive options for this year.

You can request a first loan of up to 1000 euros and return it within a maximum period of 35 days if it is the first time and then you can extend it up to 65 days.

In short, I have done a review of the best loans this year, whether without payroll, fast, and free for new customers, and although there are more options that we recommend you take a look on our home page, it really is the more attractive today.