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Loans for new businesses

Loans dedicated to those who decide to open a business.


Choosing to start a new business can be extremely rewarding: creating a new idea, making new services available to the community can be very interesting for those who decide to start this new life. A choice that is usually accompanied by a series of doubts and difficulties. The historical period we are experiencing, the economic crisis, the political and employment crisis often discourages young people from starting a new activity. Often, then, you need a “boost”, a help: not all, in fact, have the necessary money to take such an important step for their future.
It often happens that those who decide to open a new business need access to loans that are generally non-repayable.
On the market there are numerous offers of loans dedicated to those who decide to open a bar, a shop or a restaurant. Those who decide to apply for funding, in fact, can choose between two different options: they can decide to access two options. Let’s see what:

– loans provided by banks;
– subsidized funds from the European Community.

Let’s examine the two types of loans.

Loans provided by banks to undertake new activities

As anticipated, on the market there are various forms of loans dedicated to those who want to open a new store and undertake a new business activity. We have evaluated, for you, the best proposals on the financial market. The banks that offer better contractual conditions in terms of financing. Let’s find out together.

– loan provider proposes the “Start Up New Businesses” plan designed exclusively for customers who wish to undertake a new business and need liquidity to invest in their project. The loan provider offer allows you to finance up to 100,000 euros . The maximum duration of the loan is 7 years. The customer can choose to repay the capital financed in monthly, quarterly or semi-annual installments. The interest rate proposed by loan provider is also interesting: you can choose between the fixed rate and the variable rate. In order to access the “Start Up New Businesses” funding, it is necessary to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce for no longer than 21 months. Furthermore, in order to disburse the loan, loan provider needs to obtain the release of the eligible guarantee, which must be equal to 60% of the loans granted. Among the other requirements there is also the contribution of own resources that must be at least equal to 30% of the investment plan that is to be realized.

– loan provider proposes the project which allows the client to request and obtain funding to undertake a new business activity. This is a very special loan because loan provider can also provide it for those who want to take over existing businesses. It is a type of financing that aims to help the client to undertake a new activity or to help an old company to develop and consolidate on the market.

The subsidized loans for the opening of a new activity

As we have anticipated, in addition to loans provided by banks, there are many funds born and designed to facilitate entrepreneurship. These are financial instruments that allow those who request them to receive non-repayable loans. They are:

    • subsidized loans for youth entrepreneurship. To be provided, the applicant must be a young person under 35 years of age.
    • facilitated loans to female entrepreneurship. These loans are normally issued by the European Union or by the Regions. To be eligible for this funding, at least 70% of the members of the new company must be female.
    • Invitalia subsidized loans. They are special forms of loans provided by the State. The assumption is the state of unemployment. This means that they can be disbursed when the members of a company or an individual are unemployed. These loans are granted for a specific purpose: to restart work and relaunch an activity.

Finally, in our examination of the financing to encourage the start of new activities, the loan of honor can not be missing . The latter is a type of loan that is disbursed at a subsidized rate. It allows to obtain a liquidity of up to 25,823 euros in the case of a natural person, up to 129,114 euros in the case of a partnership.
The loan of honor is aimed at all unemployed adults who have resided in Italy for at least 6 months. Thanks to the loan of honor, it is possible to start a new business and relaunch one’s professional career.

Loans to pensioners

Lately banks have been proposing numerous advertising campaigns in favor of loans to pensioners.


The relative ease with which this category can make use of a loan is linked to an ever-increasing increase in inflation, with a consequent cost, and to the fact that, having a fixed monthly income, the pensioner becomes one of the privileged subjects to be subjected to media hammering in this sense.

The transfer of the fifth is the system that allows pensioners of any social security institution to obtain a loan, returning the capital obtained through the payment of a sum not exceeding 20% ​​of the pension, which is monthly decreased by one fifth of its value. The maximum repayment duration is 120 months.

Unlike consumer loans, the sum disbursed is not aimed at the purchase of a particular good or service and therefore it is not necessary to justify the destination of the credit.
The pensioner financing institution must not assess the financial situation of the applicant and his family members: the transfer of the fifth is a single signature loan which, in addition to the pension, does not provide for additional guarantees such as mortgages, signatures of relatives, guarantors or guarantors. On the basis of these premises, this loan can be granted, subject to the creditor’s approval, also to protested or bad payers: the pension is in itself a valid guarantee against the risk of insolvency on the part of the debtor.

This loan is attributable to secured loans; in fact it is covered by a life insurance policy: the repayment installment is paid until there is a pension, or until the beneficiary is alive; otherwise, to cover the debt, insurance takes over.
The transfer of the fifth is an effective solution to deal with any financial problem. Also, protected by your pension manager, the borrower does not run the risk of running into unpleasant surprises.
The simplicity with which a loan is generally granted, however, must not make us forget the actual amount of a debt that, regardless of the sum paid, must always be extinguished.

Before carrying out this operation, which is not repeatable, it is necessary to carefully evaluate its real necessity.

Best loans 2019: fast, free, without payroll

We analyze the best loans , whether fast, free, without payroll , or conjugating both, which are currently the characteristics that most value the users of this type of loans.

best quick loans

Best loans: free up to 1000 euros

Among the best loans this year, I will comment on the one that allows you to get up to 1000 euros for free. This promotion is subject only to new customers.

In terms of operation is the standard of this type of mini-loans:

  • Be of age
  • Resident in Spain
  • With mobile phone
  • With a bank account in Spain

A particularity is that it admits clients in of up to 1000 euros when the origin of the debt is non-financial.

Best quick loans in 8 minutes

Another of the portals that, apart from having the first free loan offer for new customers, is characterized because they are fast loans, since in 8 minutes you have it available in your account, ready to withdraw from the ATM or buy with your credit card associated to the account.

To achieve this, it is also not necessary to open a new bank account, but to deposit it, as long as it is located in Spain, within 8 minutes, while no additional information is required.

Best loans without interest

Another option for quick loans at present , which also allows you to obtain up to 300 euros for new customers completely free of charge.

The only requirement that is somewhat more restrictive than the rest is that it requires a responsible loan: that is to say that you have about 500 euros of fixed recurring monthly income, be it payroll, pensions or unemployment benefits (unemployment).

In this way they ensure that the client’s risk is lower for them and in turn that the client has real minimum resources to repay the loan with minimum guarantees.


Best loans without payroll

Another of the best loans without payroll . In this case it does have interests for new clients, but its simplicity and because they do not ask for payroll or endorsement makes this portal one of the most attractive options for this year.

You can request a first loan of up to 1000 euros and return it within a maximum period of 35 days if it is the first time and then you can extend it up to 65 days.

In short, I have done a review of the best loans this year, whether without payroll, fast, and free for new customers, and although there are more options that we recommend you take a look on our home page, it really is the more attractive today.

Loans without payroll, endorsement: mission impossible?

Finding loans without payroll is not an impossible mission.

loans with ASNEF with endorsement

I’ll show you some portals that accept clients, even without endorsement , payroll instantly, and even with endorsement and, on the other hand, I will comment on the fine print of these, such as interests , other requirements and conditions that you must also have account when accepting this type of loans.

Loans online: requirements according to the entity

The first thing we have to take into account is that almost 100% of the online loan portals deny operations when they verify that the applicant is registered in the list, really the approval criterion of the few portals that do. allow is different in each entity.

For example, one of the micro loan portals that allow clients that are in the delinquency register .

You can request up to 500 euros to return in a maximum period of 30 days The interest, logically, are higher than in other portals, being, for a loan of 500 euros to return in 30 days of 155 euros.

Here the criteria for granting or not granting the loan is not clear, since the applications are reviewed 1 to 1, although as a general rule, they seek to meet the following requirements:

      • That the amount of the debt in is less than 800-1000 euros
      • That the debt is not with banking entities
      • That there is not more than one debtor who has registered the client in

Loans without payroll and without guarantee

Another of the loan portals with fast payroll that effectively accept clients, although in this case, the criterion is more lax, accepting debts in without any problem.

To get money no need to attach payroll or endorsement from friends or family, because simply with your personal data and an Instantor type system allows the verification of your bank payment history, which is more than enough information so that they can decide whether to grant the loan or not and thus forget about paperwork.

The interest is 30% monthly TAE The transfer is made within 10 minutes, you can physically withdraw the money or use it for what suits you best Allow you to request up to 600 euros per loan

Fast Loans Instantly

Another portals that works well, although as an inconvenience has that the amount you can request is limited to 250 euros .

Here allow customers , but with a debt that does not exceed 1000 euros, so it is another alternative to take into account.

The request is answered in practically seconds after sending the form, and in a matter of minutes you can have the money quickly in your account.

Loans with endorsement

Finally, I have chosen as the final option, and I really only recommend it if the previous options have not served you, either by appearing in for larger amounts, or because you really need a quantity of money that does not solve all the portals previous For this case, you can request up to 300,000 euros (this will depend on the amount of the assets with which you endorse), .

Personally I advise against using this last portal unless the situation is critical, since the inherent risk of putting a property as collateral is that it can be executed, partially or totally, in the event of default

In summary, I have shown that there are different alternatives so that a person who is in can get a loan of money quickly and easily, without being asked for payroll, endorsement, although in some cases, inexorably for the personal situation, only the option of loans with endorsement can be used, something that I advise is used as a last resort.

Saves on a loan

Research has shown that many people regret their loans; because of the high interest rates or an income reduction due to job changes.

Consumind Finance recently started saving savings on current loans. For example, we helped a client this month to reduce the interest on the current loan and ensured that he repaid the loan 34 months earlier. This has yielded a saving of € 1,120.

Lowering interest from loan and repaid earlier

This month we came into contact with a customer. He had a credit of € 10,000 with an interest rate of 8.7%. Of this credit, € 7,000 was still open to repay. With his lender, he had to repay € 100 each month in 91 installments. This means that he still had to pay € 100, – x 91 = € 9,100 for the loan.

Thanks to the help of our expert employee, the customer now pays 5.8% interest to another lender for the loan. Mr. will pay the € 7,000 in 57 installments, by paying € 140 per month. In the new situation he therefore pays 57 x € 140 = € 7,980 for the loan.

The customer has two advantages thanks to this change: he has been relieved of his loan 34 months earlier and pays € 1,120 less for the loan.

Do you have a current credit, personal loan, credit cards or outstanding amounts with mail order companies such as Wehkamp? We would also be happy to help you save on your loans free of charge , so that you have more money left and / or have previously repaid the loan.

5 Tips to apply for the best instant loan online

Cash Loans are very useful for resolving emergency situations or acquiring a monetary amount quickly to cover an opportunity expense.

700x350 hombre mujer

For any situation the first and most important thing is to inform yourself before committing yourself. This may be obvious, but sometimes by requesting it quickly we do not notice how we are accepting the terms of use and conditions.


1. Investigate

Do not limit yourself to choosing the first lender you find, compare options in interest rates, penalties for late payments, etc. On the internet it is now easier to obtain a lot of information about almost everything, visit their website to learn more, read their terms and privacy policies, etc., even check their social networks to find more personalized information.


2. Know your money limits

Do not ask for a loan of money if at the moment you do not have the ability to pay.

This can trigger a debt cycle for you and is simply a source of stress that you do not need to burden. If you are in an emergency situation and you need to advance your fortnight, know your income and expenses so that you can make a calculation and how you can pay comfortably and within the agreed period.


3. Consider your situation

Why are you applying for a loan? Is the amount you need adequate? In what time can you liquidate it?

The main concern with some lenders is the high interest rate that can be accumulated. For emergencies or unexpected situations, this will not necessarily be a problem if you take the payday loan rate into consideration for your amortization budget. Loans are a fantastic tool when used correctly, providing short-term relief in unusual financial circumstances. It is recommended to use only when necessary, to avoid the risk of delinquency or the need to obtain another loan to make payments.


4. Pay attention to details

All agreements and financial contracts are legally applicable and have a set of rules to be followed. It may seem like a waste of time to read them, but for that they are, to be reviewed and to identify the favorable aspect, benefits and obligations.

Make sure you read the privacy policies and the way they handle your private information. Is it safe to provide the data? If you can not find the answer on your website, do not hesitate to call them and find out.

We know that not only do you want to have confidence in the ability to pay, you also want to be sure that personal data will be safeguarded correctly.


5. Apply online

Before making the request it is important to read the requirements that are requested and be sure to comply with them (Minimum age required, official identification, bank account statement, Interbank, healthy credit history), as it will be necessary to have the documents in hand when filling out data and uploading files. (Have at hand in digital scanner or photo an IFE and a bank account statement).